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Cold Steel0810216
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Cold Steel Dueling SaberSaberPlain1055 Carbon60-64 HRCGrey965 mm810 mm5-2,7 mm618 gLeather

This Italian Dueling Saber is an eminently swift and agile saber well suited for dueling and swordplay. Its hilt is quite protective of the hand and the easy balance and light weight give its wielder many possibilities. The blade is 1055 high carbon steel which is embellished with filigree etching on both sides. The bottom half of the blade is unsharpened and the top half has a sharpened edge.

The elaborately formed guard and grip plate are steel and the grip is imitation rayskin with inlaid bands of braided wire. The sword comes with a sheath of durable leather with a steel chape and locket. Two hanging rings complete the scabbard and these can be used to attach the sword to hangers to sling it from a sword belt.

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