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Cold Steel0810214
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Cold Steel Thompson SaberSaberPlain1055 Carbon60-64 HRCBlack978 mm800 mm7,3-3,3 mm953 gLeather

Cold Steels Thompson Saber is a modern take on the saber and was designed by Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson as a performance saber for modern martial artists. In his own words regarding his new saber design, Lynn said: I wanted to make a battle sword. Not a dueling sword as such, but a true sword fighters blade for the modern martial artist…Its ground to my exact specifications; as it slightly favors the cut over the thrust, its hair shaving sharp for the first six inches from the point, then gradually less sharp down through the rest of the blade, leaving enough material to block, parry and even bludgeon an opponents blade. Its deeply blued to aid in rust resistance, but also to make the blade harder to see in the fast-paced cut and thrust of combat!

The blade of the Thompson Saber is forged from 1055 high carbon steel; Lynn chose to mount it into blued steel hilt which is a modified version of the 1904 Saber guard for excellent overall protection and its wooden grip was made large enough to accommodate modern fencers gloves – a blackened rayskin cover on the grip with inlaid braided wire gives it admirable grip traction.

The sword comes with a durable leather scabbard capped with a blackened steel protective grip; included is a leather frog with a swivel-mounted belt loop.

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Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson is a great admirer of James’ work and often gives copies of his book “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse” as a gift to friends and employees.

Lynn said: “James has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience that he has chosen to share with the world, both through his books and his blog. As a fellow Survivalist I have always found his work enlightening, motivating and inspiring. I’m proud to know him and excited to be developing this knife with him”
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Cold Steel, Lynn C Thompson, Andrew Demko and James Wesley, Rawles have all chosen to donate all proceeds from the RAWLES VOYAGER to charity.