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H&N SLUG HP .217 21GR *200 5.5 MM
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5.5 mm1.36 g25 J100 mLead200 pcs

The H&N Slug HP sets new standards in terms of accuracy at distances way beyond 50 meters. An extremely favorable BC ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention.

To accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels we offer options in diameters and weights. Slug HP is coated with a special lubricant to reduce barrel friction.

Calibre: .22 / 5.5 mm

Diameter options: .217 / 5.51 mm and .218 / 5.53 mm

Weight options: 21 gr, 23 gr, 25 gr, 27 gr and 30gr

Packaging: Standard H&N screw-on tin with 200 pcs.

Minimum muzzle energy should be 25 Joules but we recommend a muzzle energy of 40 – 60 Joules for good results. Barrels with a shorter twist rate and specifically made for Slugs produce significantly better results.

All pellets get visually inspected, hand packed and secured for transport with pads made of foam.

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