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Airsoft center
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6 mm100 m/s320 Hi Capmm1.3 Joules2562 g
Добре позната ни еърсофт реплика предоставена от Umarex, изработена от тайванската VFC. Подобрени вътрешности, включително и добавен Mosfet, който значително подобрява представянето на репликата. Изцяло метални рисийвъри и полуложа, на които са добавени и автентични маркировки. Активна затворна задръжка за по-лесно настройване на Хоп Ъп-а и допълнителна доза реализъм. Стоманени регулируеми мерни прибори. Mil-Spec регулируем приклад на две позиции..
Батерията се позиционира в кутия на ложата. Перфектна изработка за хората, които искат перфектно представяне на терен. Подсилен гиърбокс от VFC, с 7 милиметрови бушинги. Метална вентилирана глава на бутало, полимерна глава на цилиндър и полимерен нозъл с О-ринг. Полимерна хоп ъп камера с бърза и прецизна настройка на хоп ъп. Стандартна цев с диаметър 6.08.

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The ULTIMATE extreme performance piston made of a 50% stronger polycarbonate resin, with embedded steel teeth specifically designed for high-speed tunes and extreme heavy tuning of 150-190 m/s.
All dimensions of the piston has been reworked to fit perfectly inside ULTIMATE gearboxes and gives a smooth low friction performance.
The length has been adjusted to make a perfectly even contact between the first gear and the first teeth of the piston preventing breakage and minimizing wear.

With ULTIMATE Extreme performance piston you get:
Increased strength.
Increased durability.
Low friction.
Perfect fit in ULTIMATE gearbox.
Perfect combinations of polycarbonate teeth and steel for impact-energy absorption and strength.
Reinforcement bar gives superior structural strength to the piston-teeth.
Optimal angel for first-contact between piston and gear.
50% stronger polycarbonate (then ULTIMATE high performance piston)

In extreme tuneups whether for speed or power, the forces acting on the piston and gears are huge.
Every little detail in design and size of the components are very important.
When the gear makes first contact with the piston, it slams with great force against the first section of teeth on the piston.
ULTIMATE pistons have been designed with polycarbonate teeth for the first section, to allow it to absorb impact fare better than steel.
As the piston travels further back, the pressure on the teeth increases dramatically, this is where steel teeth with a reinforced longitudinal bar gives maximum strength against breakage.

Most be used with appropriate ULTIMATE® upgraded internal components to secure the best performance and durability.

For use with classic Army gearboxes modifications are required.