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440C80 mm124 g

Ganzo 724M foldable knife is very convenient to use travelling out of the city. In the folded position the knife size is only 11 cm. At the same time, within a moment Ganzo 724M is transformed into a ready-to-use knife with the blade length of 8 cm. It is very easy to cut food for cooking on the fire. A wide blade with the spine thickness of 0.3 cm is massive enough to cut not very thick sticks or to prepare fire spears. The blade material is 440C steel which is widely spread in the knife industry. This type of steel is perfect for everyday use and tourist models. It is effective rust resistant, it is not getting blunt for a long period of time. The metal hardness is estimated at 58 units of Rockwell scale.

The knife handle in this model has straps from fiber-glass reinforced nylon. Their surface is decorated with textured design that also has a practical application by strengthening the contact between the knife handle and the skin when it is gripped. Thus, the knife will not slip even out of wet hands. A small stainless clip is also on the handle. With it help the knife is fixed on the backpack strap or on the waist belt to be always available. The same action can be performed using the lanyard for which the hole is made at the end of the handle.

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Allen Elishewitz, the acclaimed Canyon Lake, Texas, knifemaker designed the CRKT production version of his Anubis (the jackal-headed god of the underworld, according to ancient Egyptian mythology). Our CRKT Anubis™ shows its lineage as an Elishewitz shape, with the benefits of advanced production technology.

The blade shape is uniquely Allen's, with a pronounced drop point, long spine and a high hollow grind, resulting in strength and cutting power. For superior edge retention, we use AUS 8 stainless steel in a non-reflective bead-blast finish. It is available in both Razor-Sharp and Combined Razor-Sharp and Triple-Point™ Serrated edge grinds. A gold-plated Elishewitz logo is inset into the stainless steel blade in the manner of custom knives.

Lubrous washers and brass bearings at the blade pivot assure fast either-hand opening, using dual checkered thumb studs which also act as blade stops.

The button lock gives absolute steel-on-steel lockup, resulting in the strongest lock possible. We have added a version of our patented* AutoLAWKS™ automatic safety, giving maximum security against accidental closing. To fold the knife, you must pull back the safety lever and press the button at the same time, making accidental release during vigorous use just about impossible.

Allen's design also features an unusual open build with a glass filled nylon spine back spacer that allows easy cleaning of the blade groove. Construction is stainless steel for the frame with injection-molded glass filled nylon scales and an inset brushed stainless steel bolster at the butt. The handle perfectly fits the average adult hand. Dual reliefs at the finger choil aid grip, and make opening easier.

Everything about the Anubis shouts strength. It has the rigidity, sure lockup and heft of folders costing twice as much, and we welcome comparison.

Of course, in the CRKT tradition, all models come with a removable stainless steel clothing/gear clip, and all fasteners are Torx®.

This is a sport and work knife that is bui