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F318+125 s20*150 mmTFC20100

Take a look at the "Catwoman" here.

1.redtail to peach and lemon pearls and white sparks; 2.green tail to blue and green peony and red sparks; 3.redtail to red and green coconut; 4.green tail to red and green peony and crackling; 5. blue tail to navy blue pearls, purple pearls and crackling; 6. red tail to golden willow and red pearls and white caviar; 7. green tail to multicolored pearls and brocade crown; 8. whistles; 9. green tail to multicolored pearls and brocade crown; 10. silver prolonged rain


Take a look at the "EMOTION" here.

Pyrobattery with 100 shots:

1.red and green peony and white sparks; 2.purple coconut and green coconut; 3.gold willow and red pearls and white sparks; 4.red coconut and green coconut; 5.cracking and silver fish; 6.red pearls and crackling 7. green pearls and crackling, 8. brocade crown and red sparks, 9. silver coconut and green sparks, 10. whistles;

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1. Golden tail to red peony and white sparks, 2. Golden tail to green sparks and prolonged rain, 3. Golden tail to yellow star with crackling, 4. Golden tail to purple star with green sparks, 5. Golden tail to golden sparks , 6. Golden tail to red star and white sparks, 7. Golden tail to green peony and golden sparks, 8. Golden tail to prolonged rain;