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Ultra light and comfortable boots with elastic apron at the top. Fully waterproof and flexible thermal sock. Provide comfort even at minus 50 degrees!

Distinctive features of EVA technology

Ease: 35% less weight compared to a similar type of boots made of rubber or PVC. A pair of boots made with EVA technology, weighs between 0.7 and 1 kg. This is an unbeatable advantage when carrying and transportation.

Heat: EVA has a large number of air pockets / capsules with excellent thermal insulation that isolate the cold and provide warmth of your feet. EVA does not allow the heat to come, making boots much warmer than any other rubber or PVC model.

Wear resistance: The boot manufactured with EVA technology have from two to three times higher and prolonged durability compared with rubber or PVC models.

Flexibility: Thanks to technology EVA boots become one with your foot and prevent any loss of heat, even in extreme temperatures below -30 ° C.
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