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Combining a high magnification with a compact body, the Futurus Pro 16x50 is intended for the detailed study of remote and distant objects, as well as mountainside observation. The binoculars have an IPX4 grade of water-resistance so they are able to operate normally under moderate precipitation without damage to the unit. The distance-measuring reticle helps the user to determine the approximate distance to an object being viewed while the light filter accessories can be used under poor or harsh weather conditions for optimal viewing capabilities. Along with the focusing knob, the diopter adjustment can be additionally set by means of the right eyepiece. The Futurus Pro binoculars are remarkable for their innovative structural design and multi-functionality, and are able to meet the demands of even the most particular user. With the help of the ?” tripod adapter, the binoculars can be mounted onto a tripod which is essential for prolonged observation.
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