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The T4E HDP 50 is a professional personal defense and RAM (Real Action Marker) training pistol from Umarex. And powered by a CO2 capsule, it shoots 50 gauge (12.7mm) rubber and pepper balls. Its design and appearance are inspired by modern semi-automatic pistols, which make it perfect for personal defense and training and fast and practical to use. The RAM marker can also be used for self-defense and recreational shooting.

The gun frame and sled are made of durable black polymer with a matte surface. It is resistant to mechanical damage, weather conditions and corrosion. Its matte surface, combined with an ergonomic grip, allows a comfortable and safe anti-slip handling. At the front of the frame, under the barrel, there is a standard mounting Picatinny / Weaver sled, which can be used for attaching a tactical flashlight or laser pointer.

The HDP 50 has a built-in magazine with a capacity of 6 balls. Its loading does not require disassembly of the gun: simply lock the lever of the magazine, rotate the gun and position the balls in the magazine opening.

Bright green fiber optic pointing devices help you aim even in low light conditions. They allow you to quickly align the front and rear sights and shoot accurately at the target. The trigger safety device prevents accidental and unprepared tripping even if the weapon falls.

The gun is powered by a 12 gram CO2 capsule placed inside the handle. Thanks to the Quick Piercing System for the CO2 cartridge that can be inserted without punching it, avoiding early use and transporting it without punctures, the gun can always be ready for use, without losing power and efficiency over time. To pierce the capsule and "arm" the gun, simply press or lightly hit the knob that extends from the handle: the gun becomes immediately ready to operate at full power. One capsule is sufficient for up to 30 shots in optimal conditions.

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